Data Center

100% of your data stays in the USA

  • Any data you share with us, will never leave the US. Any data you trust us with will be stored in our US data centers. Any member of our team requiring access to that data will only be able to do so on the US-located server.
  • Download functions are disabled from our servers. All work is either performed on our servers or on your servers (by way of our servers).
  • We aggressively lock IP addresses, and follow whitelist-only protocols.
  • Data center is integrated with a managed backup.
  • MBU Schedule: Weekly Full + Daily Incremental.
  • MBU Retention Type: 2 Week On-site Retention.
  • Physical Security: - Data center is restricted by biometric authentication and 24x7x365 surveillance.
  • Power - Uninterruptible power supplies provide against power outages and protect against sags, surges, swells, spikes and electrical noise.
  • Cooling - N+2 redundant chiller configuration and redundant water sources ensure consistent temperatures are maintained throughout the facilities.
  • HVAC - Each facility has redundant HVAC systems designed for immediate failover, and are equipped with air handling units to remove dust and contaminants.
  • Network - Network includes 4 transit providers allowing to shift traffic as necessary and guards against any single points of failure - all of which are ranked by Dyn, featuring in the top 5 globally.
  • Office access is limited to authorized personnel through badges and biometric scanning.
  • Security camera monitoring.
  • Log retention of access and video surveillance is for 30 days.
  • USB data ports are DISABLED across all systems.
  • Printers: We are proud to be near paperless. Printers are only available to HR and Finance teams. Neither team has access to PHI. Printers are kept in a secure area and access is restricted.
  • Cell Phone Policy: Users are prohibited from using mobile phones in the operation area. Users are provided with locker to deposit their devices.
  • Log Out Policy: To mitigate privacy threats, we set up a group policy to ensure that when a user logs off from their workstation, all cached information stored in their internet browsing directory and the temp folders is cleared.

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