Makes Our Operation
Highly Scalable

Our cloud based dashboards are designed to provide you with the comfort of knowing the temperature of your revenue cycle.

Abacus tracks production results centrally, but summarizes results individually; ensuring Staff, Managers, Executives, and Clients stay on the same page.


  • All work is date stamped on receipt, and tracked like a package
  • Management oversight over all work and employees
  • Web-based accessible with IP Restrictions


  • Employee productivity and quality
  • Automated Time Studies
  • Performance dashboards over time
  • Real time turnaround time snapshots
  • Automated QA sampling


  • Automated daily work distribution
  • Work can be manually rerouted
  • Production work queues
  • QA work queues
  • AR Comment Templates
  • Closed loop communication with clients on item by item basis
  • Item by item issues
  • Task scheduler and daily assignment

Benefits to enjoy
for everyone.

  • One Platform

    One platform that provides single oversight across multiple billing applications
  • Manager Freedom

    Our managers are freed from assignment and reporting tasks to focus on oversight
  • Assesing Productivity

    Can quantify work and productivity to adjust staffing to correct levels
  • Analysis

    The ability to run very granular analysis on work to make adjustments
  • Accountability

    Accountability for work and for follow up items
  • Daily Tracker

    No one has to guess what needs to be completed that day