Remembering Marc Bolh

Marc Bolh

1942 - 2015
Chief Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Remembering Marc Bolh

Our Founder and Catalyst.

Marc inspired our mission.

As the founder of Automated Medical Systems in 1982, Marc was a pioneer in the field of Healthcare Financial Services. In the 1980s he recognized the impact computers would have in healthcare. In the 1990s he recognized that people were people regardless of geography, and saw the value of thinking globally and not regionally. In the 2000s he was inspired by what could be achieved through actionable data. We continue to chase the dream.

Our Values are his, verbatim.

Marc believed in doing more. His respect for clients and those that worked with him and for him was unwavering. Trust was his guiding principle. Trust for others. Trust for the process. Trust that we all have it in us to achieve.

Through our continued hard work, the clients and employees of Founders will continue to experience a wonderful, thoughtful, and generous man.

marc bolh

1942 - 2015
Chief Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Marc taught me so much, he was a mentor and helped me start my billing company. A wonderful man

Pam. C (Yules)

May you rest in peace. I had the pleasure of working with Marc for about 10 years, he was a kind, smart and compassionate man. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Sharon. H (Silva) - North port, FL

I will always remember Marc with a smile, A very sweet man and a very caring and understanding boss, I had the pleasure working for AMS (Marc Bolh) from 1993-2006, may you rest in peace.

Linda. P - Danville, NH

I was deeply saddened to have received the news this morning that Marc had passed away. As his longtime account representative from InterSystems, we developed a relationship over the years far more personal than just business. This was the magic of Marc. He always kept his eye on the business but never at the expense of caring for everyone who came into his circle. I so much enjoyed our conversations that inevitably led to laughter and a warmth of just being together.

My most heartfelt sympathies to Marc's Family and many, many friends.

Frank. A - MA

We feel so honored to have known the incredibly kind and caring person that Marc was.

Jim and Mary. M - Windham, NH

It is truly with great sadness that I heard about Marc’s passing. Not only was he my boss for many years but he was also my friend. He did a lot for many people and always put his employees first. I know that many of his former employees owe him a great deal, including myself.

The world will be sadder place with him gone.

Frank and Lenore. S - Watertown, MA

I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of Marc. I want you to know that he may have been my boss but he was so much more than that, I considered him a friend. He was kind, caring and extremely generous. I learned so much from him. He will be missed. It will be difficult but the wonderful memories of him will help you get through the days ahead.

Shirley. B - Londonderry, NH

My deepest sympathy in the passing of your beloved husband and father. He was such a nice man, very kind and warm hearted. He was well respected by his employees for his kindness and generosity. He will be fondly remembered by all of us. May he rest in peace.

Brenda. B - Derry, NH

Our deepest sympathy go with the family of Marc. We only met him on few occasions as we lived too far apart but we came to know him as a very warmhearted person with a great sense of humour.

Wiskow Family - Lübeck, Germany

Marc was a friend for over 30 years. we stayed in touch through out all the years and I was happy to work with him and for him part time after I retired from hospital administration. Marc was a true professional and a leader in his field of medical billing. He was a pleasure to work for but more importantly I am happy to say he was my friend and he will be missed by all. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

Mal. W - Peabody, MA

Marc was a good friend and a well respected pioneer and leader in the medical billing and software field. He was a recognized innovator and was often the developer, or first or early-adopter of new methods, new ideas and new solutions to business problems.

Marc's gracious personality and gentle sense of humor made business and personal relationships warm and lasting. Not only did we enjoy our business interactions, we shared common political and geo-political beliefs, as well.

He will be fondly remembered for his integrity, leadership and dedication to his clients and employees, all of which contributed to his decades of accomplishment and success.

Bob. B - West Chester, PA

I am deeply sadden with the loss of such a special person and wonderful boss. He was caring, giving, funny and successful. He also loved to have fun, celebrate and share his warmth. He was dedicated to his company and loyal. He was one of a kind and an true American success story. He will be missed but always remebered.

Jill. M - South Easton , MA

Deeply respected and admired my former boss Marc Bolh. He was truly one of the kindest and most thoughful people i have ever had the pleasure to work with. I learned a lot from him and i will never forget his kindness. It was that generosity toward others and the love he clearly had for his family that made him such a great success. He will be sorely missed.

Amy. S - NH

Marc. We often think of you. You always were nice and generous to us.

Brigitta. W - Sweden

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