Questions Today,
Expectations For Tomorrow

Questions Today

Am I Leaving Money on the Table?

  • Are my Days in AR as good as they could be?
  • Are Quality Issues causing delays and rework?
  • Are missed Filing Limits causing write-offs?
  • Am I paying more than my peers for similar services and quality?
  • Is there a more effective way to do knowledge transfer?
  • Is my account dependent on one key relationship?
  • What is the risk to transitioning work somewhere else?
    How do I mitigate that risk?
  • When is a bad service, bad enough to justify a switch?

Expectations For Tomorrow

Expect Greater Financial & Operational Control

  • Real time visibility through online dashboards
  • Your staff will interface with domain experts
  • Methodical transitions
  • Pricing transparency
  • A comprehensive review of your financial performance
  • A team approach to achieve your objectives

Building your outsourcing strategy

Building Your Outsourcing Strategy

  • Define your objectives
  • Identify which metrics gauge progress
  • Prioritize to problem areas
  • Identify the team you need to be successful
  • Commit to building collaboration across your organization
Signs your business would benefit from a new partner

Signs Your Business Would Benefit From A New Partner

  • Consistency is a problem
  • Results are unclear
  • There is little or no visibility
  • You don’t have a partner to work through problems
  • Improvement is never discussed
The advantages of outsourced operations

The Advantages Of Outsourced Operations

  • Gain a ready management team
  • Teams that work when your office is closed
  • Workforce that can quickly expand and contract
  • Documented protocols that remove ambiguity
  • Quantified performance
  • The protection of a Service Level Agreement   (SLA)
Keys for a successful transition

Keys For A Successful Transition

  • Outline expectations
  • Establish network interconnectivity
  • Exchange existing work instructions
  • Process a sample
  • Verify shared understanding through cross checks
  • Collaborate to refine work instructions
  • Repeat until comfort is reached
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.